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Ehsan Chemi Estahban Co.

About us

ECE a multi-million USD manufacturing Co. which plays a leading role amongst Iranian producers of paraffin and itís by products and derivates is committed to the:

1)      research and development R&D of innovative products,

2)      availability i.e. timely delivery,

3)      Post-sales services, in case of any query after sales about the product or any other guidance; the customer will find ECE as his supporter.

Through these commitments ECE has been able to export its products  White Petroleum Jelly/Vaseline, White Oil, Paraffin Wax, Granulated Paraffin Wax, Natural Sodium Petroleum Sulfonate, Emulsifier for Cutting Oil, and Cable Filling Compound to over 20 countries from 2002 the commissioning year of the company with the turn over of multi-million USD per annum. we aim to increase and sustain our company value through growth and innovation.



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