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Ehsan Shimi Estahban Company

Ehsan Shimi Estahban Company, located in the west of Isfahan province, Ashtarjan Industrial Town, with the aim of entrepreneurship and use of refinery by-products and production of export products from these derivatives with an area of ​​5000 square meters and two sheds with a total area of ​​2800 square meters, started operating in 2000. From the installation and access of the company to mass production to expand its activities, it succeeded in obtaining a supplementary operating license for the annual production of solid paraffin 2300 tons, liquid paraffin 2300 tons, sanitary Vaseline 2000 tons, jelly telecommunication cable 4100 tons, flooding compound 3050 Tons, 1370 tons of solid paraffin and 1000 tons of emulsifier by Isfahan Province Industries and Mines Organization on 24/01/81 and with this infrastructure installed and commissioned the relevant equipment and increased its production and now the real production capacity The company has reached 26,000 tons per year, most of which is exports.

The company’s products are exported to 29 countries, with the largest share of the company’s exports to Asian and African countries.

The R&D unit of this company started its activity in the second half of 2004 in the field of product innovation, formulation design and product optimization, which in line with its activity has succeeded in the following development projects:

1- New product formulation of Kendall gel

2- New product formulation of polyethylene wax

3- Paint soil recycling plan

4- Production plan of microcrystalline wax

5- Optimization plan for Vaseline and paraffin production lines

6- New sulfate product formulation

7- Optical fiber gel production plan

8- Acid sludge neutralization plan and its conversion into other products

9- Waxing plan and production of solid paraffin with low oil percentage